#15 – Nine Inch Nails

As I was thinking about my blog last night, I was excited that I’ve gotten this far. I mean, I find it pretty awesome that we’re into the top 15 artists. Then it hit me. That means I am only 15 weeks away from being 40. That was a bit of a blow. But hey, […]

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#16 – Pixies

I’m already having a good time with the artist this week. Maybe that’s why they rank so high, maybe there are other reasons. I’ll know for sure by Sunday, with any luck. This week is devoted to the Pixies. Through the week, I’ll be listening to the original four albums of the Pixies: Surfer Rosa […]

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#17 – Darren Korb

As they read the headline of this post, a whole bunch of my readers probably just said “wait, what?’ or possibly just a “who the hell is that?” Well, be that as it may, but Darren Korb comes in at number seventeen on the countdown. In fairness, this week will not be exclusively devoted to […]

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#18 – Ben Folds

I have to admit something to all of you. I’m starting to suffer some writers fatigue on this thing. I’m pushing through it, but it’s there and it’s affecting me. Trying to balance my job, my personal time, my time with my wife, my time with my friends and basic needs such as eating and […]

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#19 – Rammstein

Oh, goody, this is the week where the built in spellchecker has a fit! Maybe I should install some kind of German language filter ahead of time, because this week is going to be all about Rammstein. I guess I’m just going to have to live with a lot of squiggly red lines under all […]

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