You Can Be Happy Where You Are

Week five of the official countdown winds to a close, and we have to ask ourselves, “how does it feel to be an eighth of the way through the countdown?” Well, it doesn’t yet feel any different than when I started. The amount of confidence I have in this project has not changed. I’m still […]

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Spacehog Week: One-Hit Wonders

Although I am listening to four full albums of Spacehog goodness this week, most people don’t know them beyond that one song. In the Meantime was a pretty big hit in the Nineties. Many people loved it. But now it has been relegated to thousands of “Best of the Nineties” compilation albums, along side Marcy […]

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#36 – Spacehog

Coming in at number thirty-six on the countdown is Spacehog. Yes, that’s right, Spacehog. For those of you not around in the Nineties, Spacehog was this odd mix of grunge and glam rock that had a big hit with their song In the Meantime, and then was kind of forgotten by everyone. They had a […]

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