I’m Gonna Stomp Right Now

Oh my god! I’m actually writing a weekly wrap up post on a Saturday. And a Saturday of the appropriate week, no less. Is it true? can it be that I’ve finally caught up? It certainly seems it. So, before I get distracted and have to delay this until Sunday, let’s get my thoughts down […]

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Rip Slyme Week: Study Tools

About a decade ago, I was in the process of changing careers. Well, to call my job at the time a career is a generous move. It was a job, it payed the bills. It offered stress and no fulfillment. There wasn’t chance for advancement or personal development. It did provide for me, and gave […]

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#21 – Rip Slyme

Once again, I reach into my more obscure listening tastes to bring you something you probably haven’t heard of, but that I feel is important. This week is all about the Japanese hip-hop super-group Rip Slyme. To be clear, this is not obscurity for obscurity’s sake. I really love Rip Slyme. It is also worth […]

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