Pinback Week: Song Length

The length of a piece of music widely varies. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, depending on the conductor, runs for roughly 30-35 minutes. His Ninth Symphony, the “Ode to Joy,” can last well over an hour for all four movements. As written, most jazz pieces run from five to ten minutes, but can take significantly longer to […]

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Pinback Week: Relationships

One of the fun things I’ve discovered while writing this blog is the unexpected topics that come up. For example, I knew that there would be a post about “entrance music” during Toadies week. But I did not know that I would be writing a post about cities last week for LCD Soundsystem. Likewise, this […]

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#38 – Pinback

With two weeks of this adventure out of the way, I am so far pretty pleased with both the process and the content created by it. Now it’s time to move on to this week’s featured artist. This week, coming in at number thirty-eight, is Pinback. I will be listening to all of their albums, […]

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