Pearl Jam Week: Mix Tapes

Gone is the sacred art of the mix tape, and the world is lesser for it. Sure, you can go on Spotify and create a playlist and share it with the world, or maybe just your friends, but it’s not the same. I’m sure you can still agonize over choosing just the right songs and […]

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#28 – Pearl Jam

I’m officially back on track, and just in time for an artist that already has the memories flooding back to me. This week is dedicated to that pillar of Nineties grunge and the “Seattle sound,” Pearl Jam. For this week, I’ll be listening to almost all of the studio albums: Ten (1991), Vs. (1993), Vitalogy […]

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Spacehog Week: One-Hit Wonders

Although I am listening to four full albums of Spacehog goodness this week, most people don’t know them beyond that one song. In the Meantime was a pretty big hit in the Nineties. Many people loved it. But now it has been relegated to thousands of “Best of the Nineties” compilation albums, along side Marcy […]

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