And Our Minds Soak it All Up

I really thought this week would have a few more things for me to say, but it did not. So be it, I still said more than I did during Terrorfakt week. Once again, I worry about the ability of the holidays to derail my plans for posts, but so far, so good. Dr. Steel […]

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Dr. Steel Week: MySpace

This may sound strange, considering you are reading this on WordPress and may have linked here through my Twitter account, but I am not a huge fan of social networking. It’s just not for me. I post here and on Twitter using an alias, and try to keep my real identity obfuscated (though it has […]

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#27 – Dr. Steel

As we get into the holiday season, I worry about my ability to keep posting when life has become so full of other things. There are events to plan and events to attend. There is time to spend with family and friends. There are end-of-year responsibilities at work, and projects with year end deadlines to […]

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