Toadies Week: Entrance Music

Music, as it should be fairly clear right now, is pretty important to me. Whenever the infamous “which would you rather be, deaf or blind?” question comes up, I always choose blind. Sure, there are some things I would miss: my wife’s face, video games and movies, art, the wonders of nature, etc. But I […]

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#40- Toadies

The countdown begins in earnest today! I am officially 40 weeks away from being 40…so yay, I guess for that? This week is devoted to the band Toadies. Through the week, I’ll be covering their full range of releases: Rubberneck (1994), Hell Below/Stars Above (2001), No Deliverance (2008), Feeler (2010), Play.Rock.Music (2012), Heretics (2015) and […]

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