Stellastarr Week: Road Trips

I was a late comer to the idea that cars represent freedom. In high school, while a lot of my friends were scrambling to get their learner’s permits and driver’s licenses, I realy felt I could not be bothered. In the nicer months, I was fine riding my bike everywhere. During the not-so-nice months, I […]

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Stellastarr Week: Former & Friends

If I’ve learned one thing about friendship during the course of my almost forty years, is that friend archetypes are a real thing. Sure, there are subtle variations, but for the most part there are certain basic categories and personality bundles that everyone has in their friend group. There’s the classics like “the funny one” […]

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#22 – Stellastarr*

We’ve almost reached the halfway point, and I fear that my real life schedule is going to get complicated just as I’m getting into some of the most significant artists and memories. I hope I can keep up, and I hope I don’t inundate you, the four or five people actually reading this. I’ve fallen […]

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