Not a Whole Lot to Say

Deconstruction week has long been over, but I still have a couple of thoughts to throw out there before I officially turn the page on this band. I’ve actually already moved on to this week’s band, and I’ve been listening to them since Monday, but let’s get this out of the way, first. As mentioned […]

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#30 – Deconstruction

As you are reading this post, I can actually guarantee that this week is actually not Deconstruction Week. Last week was. But I fell behind, and I’m scrambling to make up ground. This week belongs to a different band, which I’m hoping to announce by Wednesday or Thursday. But for right now, lets take a […]

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Meanwhile: I Feel Awful

Even though I had a lot I wanted to say during Combichrist week, I have posted nothing. For the one or two of you who wait with mild anticipation for my next spew of nonsense and anecdotes, I apologize for the extended silence. But I had a good reason. Since Wednesday of last week, I’ve […]

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#31 – Combichrist

In the immortal words of John Cleese: “And now for something completely different.” Coming off of weeks devoted to Tom Waits, Fiona Apple and DeVotchKa, we have arrived at a week which is so very unlike those three artists that it risks being emotionally jarring to me and anybody who listens along who doesn’t know […]

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DeVotchKa Week: My Grandfather

I was raised in a home that was always filled with music. This isn’t news, I’m pretty sure I’ve stated it before. My Dad loved jazz, especially big band and swing. On his days off, he would work outside in his garden with Maynard Ferguson or Chuck Mangione playing out of a little boom box. […]

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