#17 – Darren Korb

As they read the headline of this post, a whole bunch of my readers probably just said “wait, what?’ or possibly just a “who the hell is that?” Well, be that as it may, but Darren Korb comes in at number seventeen on the countdown. In fairness, this week will not be exclusively devoted to Darren Korb. Of course, he’s who I will be primarily be listening to. This week is really dedicated to the music of video games. So there will be talk of composers and musicians outside of Darren Korb.

But for my listening pleasure, I will be listening to the soundtracks to Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. I have played and loved both Bastion and Transistor, and though I own Pyre I have not yet installed it or played it. But part of this week is about the music sometimes being bigger than the games, so I left it in.

This is a shortened week, since I let Ben Folds go a little long. Next week is another big week, so I can’t bleed into it like I did this week. However, I am really excited for this week, and hope you’ll give some of this music the chance it deserves.


Mr. Tooduloo

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