Halfway There!

I have been writing this blog for twenty-one weeks now. The plan is to write it for twenty more weeks. If we discount the week of “also ran” artists, this is officially the halfway point. I’m eager to move on with the countdown, but I think this is a good time to take a look at this project and talk about what I like, what I don’t like, and my hopes for the future.

First, here are some stats. This blog has been looked at, either by bots or by real people, 522 times. A few of those were me, either checking my own work or showing certain pages to people. Some of those are undoubtedly bots, since I’ve had two of them point out to me that they’ve “noticed I have not monetized my blog” and they can help we with that. The idea that anyone would actually pay money for this is a bit laughable, and the idea that I would sell ad space is antithetical to what I want this to be. I’m sure a bunch of those views from people who didn’t have time to read a full post, and are just returning to finish. I also have a feeling that some of those views didn’t stick around for the long haul. But still, over 500 views in my short run is pretty impressive, at least to me. According to my stats page, those 522 views came from a total of 261 visitors. That means I have some of you as repeat visitors, or at least one person who has come back over 200 times on their own.

And speaking of people, I would like to thank my nine Twitter followers and my fifty-four WordPress followers for at least looking like you’re sticking around to be a part of this. I know some of you actually read this on a regular basis, either because you’ve told me you do or because you’ve hit the “like” button on multiple disparate posts. And to this point, that “like” button has been hit a total of 80 times!

Here’s some stats from my end. In the last twenty-one weeks, I have posted 90 times. I’m proud of that. I’m not usually good at keeping up on things like this. I start projects with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way project fatigue sets in. I’m usually a sprinter, not a marathon person. But, this post not included, I’ve written 103,982 words for the consumption of others. That averages out to a little over 1100 words per post, so not a whole lot of fluff in there (depending on your feelings of my writing style, of course).

As to content, I think I’ve been pretty honest. I’ve hit a lot of raw territory in my memories and emotions, and the only times I’ve really held back, it was in expectation of something becoming a post in the future. I’ve told some fun stories, I’ve told some sad stories. I’ve but my views on various topics out there for consumption and judgement. I have told it like I see it. That’s important. This is based a lot on memories, and it’s vital to remember that memories are not the truth. Memories are emotions and perspectives, but they are not the truth. The lens at which we look at our past is frequently skewed because of our current views, or simply because we are the star of our own story. Regardless of your level of self-esteem, you’re always rooting for yourself in your own memories, so they cannot possibly be objective.

Overall, I’m proud of this blog to this point. It’s been a healthy and fun exercise. But I think it could be better.

As we head into the second half of this, there are things I would like. Foremost, I would like a little more discussion. In the course of all of my posts, I have a whopping five comments. For as much as this is a self centered project, knowing how you, my loyal readers, feel about the various things I write would be helpful. I’ve seen an uptick in readers and response on certain topics, especially whenever I delve into mental illness. But for as much as this is really a series of monologues, that doesn’t mean I am the only voice that needs to be heard. I’ve found my ability to voice concerns, opinions and stories through this blog, but to this point it feels a lot like I’m just saying all of this to an empty theater at times. I welcome comments. I welcome discussion. This should be more than just a soloist doing their thing and leaving the stage. It should be a springboard for your own ideas to make an appearance. I curate my comments, but so far the only ones I’ve nixed are the blatant spam about monetizing my blog.

Also, I’m hoping to reach more people. Some of you reading this are real world friends, and I’m glad you’re here. But I would hope for a little more exposure. I’m not looking to become internet famous. I find this project to be a unique execution of an autobiography, but I doubt I’m hardly original or interesting enough to capture the larger online attention. But I think I can reach some more people. So, if you’ve enjoyed this, feel free to spread the word. Maybe my words will help, maybe they’ll just entertain. But I’d like the chance.

I hope that I’ll be able to keep up or improve the quality of my posts. I’m looking forward to a lot of the artists in the final twenty, and hopefully you are, too. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting this project, and I hope you enjoy what is to come.


Mr. Tooduloo

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