#20 – Al Jourgenson

I’m doing something a little this week. Instead of focusing on a band for the whole week, I’m focusing on a musician who has been a part of multiple bands. This was something I toyed with when originally creating the list. There are some times when the band means more to me than any of its individual parts, and there are some artists who transcend any one of their various projects. Uncle Al  is one of those people. Fair warning, this is not the only one of these I’ll be doing like this.

This week is dedicated to Al Jourgenson. Most people know him as the front man of Ministry, but I’m looking at much more than that, since all of his various music has been important to me, regardless of the name on the album.

So my playlist this week is going to be extensive. I’ll be listening of course to a lot of Ministry: Twitch (1986), The Land of Rape and Honey (1988), The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989), Psalm 69 (1992), Filth Pig (1996), Dark Side of the Spoon (1999), Animositisomina (2003), Houses of the Molé (2004), Rio Grande Blood (2006), Rio Grande Dub Ya (2007), The Last Sucker (2007), Cover Up (2008), The Last Dubber (2009), Mixes of the Molé (2010), Relapse (2012) and From Beer to Eternity (2013). I’m also throwing in some other random tracks from soundtracks and compilations, including the classic Every Day is Halloween. I’m not including their latest album, mostly because I don’t have it and haven’t heard anything from it.

I’m also going to be listening to a lot from his longest running side project, The Revolting Cocks (or RevCo for short): Big Sexy Land (1986), Beers, Steers + Queers (1990), Linger Ficken’ Good and Other Barnyard Oddities (1993), Cocked and Loaded (2006), Cocktail Mixxx (2007), Sex-O Olympic-O (2009), Sex-O Mixxx-O (2009), Got Cock? (2010) and Got Mix? (2011).

Additionally, I’ll be listening to his body of work with Lard: The Power of Lard (1989), The Last Temptation of Reid (1990), Pure Chewing Satisfaction (1997) and 70’s Rock Must Die (2000).

And to top all of that off, I’m adding in the EP by 1000 Homo DJ’s Apathy (1990), the album Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free (2012) by his psuedo-country side project Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters and the self titled album by his newest side project Surgical Meth Machine. I also have a couple of songs from his early projects Acid Horse, PTP and Pailhead.

So, yeah, there is a lot of music to get through this week, but Al is worth it, and it should be a really good time. I have no idea what kind of posts will come out of this wild mix of music, so here goes nothing…


Mr. Tooduloo

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