#21 – Rip Slyme

Once again, I reach into my more obscure listening tastes to bring you something you probably haven’t heard of, but that I feel is important. This week is all about the Japanese hip-hop super-group Rip Slyme. To be clear, this is not obscurity for obscurity’s sake. I really love Rip Slyme. It is also worth noting that I do not speak or understand any Japanese, but I have never found that to be a prerequisite to enjoying a band. They won’t be the only band on this list singing predominately in a language I don’t understand. Plus, people who don’t speak Italian can love opera, so why is it hard to believe I can enjoy the well crafted rhymes of this hip-hop quintet?

They have been making music for over twenty years, so I have a lot to get through this week, unlike just three albums last week (which I incidentally did make it through entirely three times). This week I’ll be listening to the entire discography: Lip’s Rhyme (1995), Talkin’ Cheap (1998), Five (2001), Tokyo Classic (2002), Time to Go (2003), Masterpiece (2004), Epoch (2006), FunFair (2007), Journey (2009), Star (2011), Golden Time (2013) and 10 (2015). I also have the first song I ever heard from them, from the anime Gantz, which I’ll have in the mix somewhere.

Last week was as emotional as I expected it to be, but I don’t anticipate the level of soul searching this week. This week should be a fun break from all of the heavy thinking of Stellastarr and provide me with some fun driving moments. I hope you have the means to follow along this week, they really are a blast to listen to.


Mr. Tooduloo


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