Necessity Leads Us to Change, What We Discover is Strange

I officially stopped listening to Tub Ring on Saturday. Oddly enough, for the third week in a row I made it through the entire planned catalogue in my week time span. A couple of business trips to Indianapolis helped that cause quite a bit, though. You cn get a lot of music listened to during a six hour drive. I’m only, at this point, a couple days late on my summary, so I’m getting closer to being caught up, which is good because I already have a bunch to say. But let’s put a nice bow on the Tub Ring wrap up first.

I first heard Tub Ring on a promotional CD I got at a KMFDM show. It was called Sex, Drugs, Dope, Murder, Mayhem…The United II Tour Compilation. There were a bunch of bands on it I knew, like KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Pigface. There were a lot of bands that I didn’t, though. Though the compilation mostly skewed towards industrial and metal, there were a few outliers doing their own thing in there too. I was interested in the Tub Ring song on there, Invalid, mostly because it had a very Faith No More feel to it. But I didn’t follow up on my curiosity.

A few months later, my friend Josh and his girlfriend Jamie invited us to go with them to a Mindless Self Indulgence show. At that point, I didn’t know much about MSI, but I was interested by what I heard (thanks to Josh and some less-than-legal downloading services like Kazaa). So we went. The opener was Tub Ring, and I remembered the track of theirs I had heard and was a little more excited to see what else they had to offer. The show was really great, and I would end up listening to both bands quite a lot for the next few years.

The next weekend, Josh and I were at our local record store and he decided to pick up Zoo Hypothesis. For my part, I was more interested in the new Velvet Acid Christ album Lust for Blood, and that’s what we ended up listening to on the way home. But Josh listened to his new album when he got home and couldn’t contain himself with how awesome it was. He went back the next week and picked up their Optics/Sonics CD and DVD set of rarities. he didn’t like it as much as Zoo Hypothesis, but that didn’t matter as he was already hooked. That summer was when he started going to every Tub Ring show he could, and bringing me to a fair amount of them as well. Tub Ring became our go-to hang-out music. It was always playing when we were sitting around playing video games or when we were going to play disc golf.

It’s fair to say that if you were to create a soundtrack for my late twenties, it would be a lot of Tub Ring. There would be a fair amount of Mindless Self Indulgence and Dog Fashion Disco in there, along with some other as-yet-to-be revealed bands coming up in the countdown. But it would be mostly Tub Ring.

My late twenties were a time of transition for me. I made concerted efforts to actually better my life. I made the decision to pursue a career in IT in my late twenties, and that has worked out pretty well for me. I bought a house in my late twenties. I got my head out of my ass as far as my relationship with Heather in my late twenties. We had been dating since our early twenties, but I was really more of a “work in progress” than what one would call a decent boyfriend for a lot longer than most people would tolerate. Looking back, my late twenties were a really important time for me. They would help shape the person I was through my thirties, and laid a lot of groundwork for my present success. Tub Ring is a reminder of that time. They remind me of who I was then, and give me a little more perspective on the progress I’ve made since then.

I don’t listen to much Dog Fashion Disco anymore. They come up randomly from time to time, and I usually enjoy them. Their later side projects were okay, but don’t have a lot of longevity for me. Their newer stuff is pretty good, too, but nothing that I ever crave listening to. I also don’t listen to much Mindless Self Indulgence now. At some point I turned the corner and their shtick started to feel less clever and more immature. While some bands evolve and mature like we do (see my entry on Pearl Jam for more on that), MSI seemed to devolve over time and go from a mid-twenties clever and offensively edgy mentality back to a high school dick-and-fart-joke, we’re-funny-because-we’re-loud-and-obnoxious ideal. I’ve gone from listening to MSI on a regular basis to using them as an effective alarm clock. For some reason, Kill the Rock can wake me from the deepest sleep and I use it when I really need to get out of bed at a certain time. Capital P works well, too. But I still love listening to Tub Ring. They never feel dated or gimmicky as other bands of that period of my life. This was a really fun week.


Mr. Tooduloo

P.S.- Tub Ring put out a new album recently. Unlike the reviews on Amazon, I don’t think it’s a return to classic Tub Ring. But what I’ve heard of it in the last couple of days has been really good. I didn’t have a chance to fully integrate it into the week, but I look forward to future listens.

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