#22 – Stellastarr*

We’ve almost reached the halfway point, and I fear that my real life schedule is going to get complicated just as I’m getting into some of the most significant artists and memories. I hope I can keep up, and I hope I don’t inundate you, the four or five people actually reading this. I’ve fallen behind, but I’m catching up well. So without further fanfare, let’s reveal this week’s featured artist. This week is all about Stellastarr.

I started listening to them officially yesterday, and I’ve already made one full cycle through their discography. A couple of days in weather-related traffic will do that. But I’m going to keep listening, and more than likely make it through two or three more times. I’m listening to all three albums: Stellastarr* (2003), Harmonies for the Haunted (2005) and Civilized (2009). Alas, for as good as they were, there are only these three albums. I’ve given up on thinking this “hiatus” is actually a break and not a break-up. It seems they’ve all gone and worked on other careers in the meantime. But at least I have these three albums to enjoy. Who knows, their fourth album may have been awful and it would’ve ruined everything.

Having listened through it, I already have a few post ideas to throw at you this week. I’m hoping to wrap this up on time and not fall off schedule again. There’s a lot of great material this week, and even more in the coming weeks. Staying current is important.


Mr. Tooduloo

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