Vicious Lullabies to Make Your Daughters Cry

Well, I am obviously still running a bit behind. Another week has come and gone, and I still haven’t wrapped up my thoughts on Felix da Housecat. Therefore, I will take care of that, announce the artist that I’ve already been listening to all week, and hopefully get at least one post out about them. I try not to flood you, my loyal readers, with too much at once. You need time to read and process just as much as I need time to write, and I really don’t want to monopolize either of our Sundays with this. But, first things first, lets talk about Felix.

Felix da Housecat was a recommendation from my friend Josh. I don’t remember the exact time or location, but it was at some point in the late Aughts, after Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco but before He Was King. I know this because I remember that my first download batch of Felix was the initial three albums. I picked up He Was King at a later time, probably after listening to a bunch of Felix da Housecat around 2010 and thinking “I really like this, I wonder if there is anything new from him.” A similar situation would happen five years later and I would end up picking up two more albums. I never seem to catch them right as they come out. Similarly, after a week of listening to nothing but Felix, I’m going to end up looking into some of his other aliases and picking up some new music from it.

Felix has always been one of my go-to artists for feeling good or feeling better. In a good mood? Might as well put on some Felix da Housecat. Feeling a little down and need to pull myself out of it? Some Felix da Housecat will cheer you up. Don’t feel motivated to clean that kitchen you’ve been ignoring? Why not throw on some Felix da Housecat to get you motivated. The music is undeniably upbeat, but tinged with a little bit of a dark side. There was a time, not long before I started listening to Felix, where I made a really big push to listen to Happy Hardcore. I never really meshed with it. I just can’t be that peppy. But Felix gives me that same high energy feel with a little more bass and a little more darkness. I can more easily get behind that. And all of the above question and answer scenarios have actually happened.

I have listened to Felix when I was in a good mood that I just wanted to ride out, like day three of my bachelor party where I was cruising a really solid drunk from white Russians and just wanted to chill and feel good on the porch of the cabin we were staying at.

This past summer, when the job search was getting to me, I found myself falling into a musical hole. It wasn’t depressing music, but there was a lot of under-produced songs with acoustic guitar and quiet vocals. This music doesn’t get me down, but it certainly doesn’t bring me up or motivate me. After my third Elliot Smith song of the evening, I decided “screw this” and switched to Felix and pumped Plastik Fantastik out of my car speakers. I felt a lot better after that, along with We All Want to be Prince and Elvi$.

And Felix is definitely one of my favorite things to listen to while cleaning the house. I just put it on, and doing dishes or dusting the living room doesn’t seem so mundane, it almost seems a bit cooler and more funky.

Like Wax Tailor before him, Felix da Housecat always makes me feel cooler than I really am. I am not cool. I have never been cool, and pushing forty, I think the ship has sailed on me ever being cool. I’m okay with that, at least more then I was in my teens and twenties. But I can grab a little bit of it by listening to Felix da Housecat. I mean, look at that picture above! That dude is cool!

Musically, Felix is like the dark side of disco. I truly believe that for every bit of music, there is a dark side to it. For every Mozart and Handel writing beautiful, uplifting concertos, there is a Beethoven writing a symphony about the horrors of war. This happens to all musical styles at some point. Rock gave way to metal. Metal was found to be “not dark enough,” and death metal was born. Hip-hop eventually begat gangsta rap. Dance and electro styles aren’t immune from this, as genres like industrial and darkwave came to counter the lighter techno and house. But if you ever want to hear what “dark disco” would sound like, listen to Felix da Housecat. Songs like Happy Hour, Like Something 4 Porno and Watching Cars Go By make this a little more obvious. They still have that dance/funk/soul mix like disco, but definitely throw off a different vibe.

I have a lot of weird little life goals based on music. From my “concert bucket list” (seeing certain bands before I or they die) to just my desires for genres and music that doesn’t yet exist, there are all sorts of small dreams that may never come true, but it would be pretty cool if they did. One of them is to spend some time in a club where they are spinning nothing but Felix da Housecat. I don’t want a rave or anything like that. I want a decently lit club with tables and whatnot. I don’t want to dance to it, since I make it a point not to dance. I want other people to dance to it. I would just like to enjoy the whole scene from a table where I can order some cocktails and maybe smoke a good cigar and just take in the scene and the energy. There isn’t a high likelihood on this particular fantasy, but I still hang on to it. I just think it would be cool.


Mr. Tooduloo

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