#23 – Tub Ring

I’m still a week behind, so it’s a least time to let you know who I’ve been listening to for the past week. For the last seven days, I have been listening to Tub Ring.

I stuck with pre-haitus Tub Ring albums for this: Drake Equation (2001), Fermi Paradox (2002), Zoo Hypothesis (2004), Sonics (2005), The Great Filter (2007), Secret Handshakes (2010) and its remix album The Velocity of Progress (2011). I also listened to a bonus EP I received from going to the release party for The Great Filter in Chicago. The EP is called Alter Egos. Tub Ring recently released a new album after a seven year break. I did not include it, since I did not own it, but I do plan on giving A Choice of Catastrophes a spin at a later date.

It’s been a fun week, and a few stories have sprung to mind. I hope to get a couple of posts out and move on to this week’s band soon. I’m getting to the point where I have too much to say to fall behind. Looking ahead, there’s a lot of material coming up. But for now, let’s have some fun rocking out with Tub Ring.


Mr. Tooduloo

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