Felix da Housecat Week: By Our Powers Combined!

It has finally happened! This week marks the first time that we have two artists from the countdown in the same song. Temple of the Dog came close, since it was mostly Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell doing vocals. But since Soundgarden was just part of the “almost” group and not part of the Top 40 itself, it didn’t really count.

I also didin’t count remixes. Combichrist had a song remixed by an as-yet-to-be-revealed artist from the countdown, but a remix is less of a collaboration and more of a hand-off. The first artist does their thing, then gives it to the remix artist in a “see what you can do with this” attitude.

I thought this might happen with a cover song. An artist doing a song by someone else on the list. But it actually hasn’t happened. There have been covers. A bunch of them, really. But no one yet has covered someone else on the list.

We did have a mention. LCD Soundsystem has two songs that reference Daft Punk. That’s close, but…

This week, we actually have a true collaboration between to list artists. We have Felix da Housecat with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem! Number Twenty-Four meets Number Thirty-Nine! And it’s awesome.

There’s a solid chance that I’m more excited about this than you are. There’s a chance that I’m more excited about this than I should be. So be it. I’m excited. I don’t have any profound insight about what this means or anything. I just wanted to point it out. If you have insight, feel free to share it. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.


Mr. Tooduloo

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