#20 – Al Jourgenson

I’m doing something a little this week. Instead of focusing on a band for the whole week, I’m focusing on a musician who has been a part of multiple bands. This was something I toyed with when originally creating the list. There are some times when the band means more to me than any of […]

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Halfway There!

I have been writing this blog for twenty-one weeks now. The plan is to write it for twenty more weeks. If we discount the week of “also ran” artists, this is officially the halfway point. I’m eager to move on with the countdown, but I think this is a good time to take a look […]

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I’m Gonna Stomp Right Now

Oh my god! I’m actually writing a weekly wrap up post on a Saturday. And a Saturday of the appropriate week, no less. Is it true? can it be that I’ve finally caught up? It certainly seems it. So, before I get distracted and have to delay this until Sunday, let’s get my thoughts down […]

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Rip Slyme Week: Study Tools

About a decade ago, I was in the process of changing careers. Well, to call my job at the time a career is a generous move. It was a job, it payed the bills. It offered stress and no fulfillment. There wasn’t chance for advancement or personal development. It did provide for me, and gave […]

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#21 – Rip Slyme

Once again, I reach into my more obscure listening tastes to bring you something you probably haven’t heard of, but that I feel is important. This week is all about the Japanese hip-hop super-group Rip Slyme. To be clear, this is not obscurity for obscurity’s sake. I really love Rip Slyme. It is also worth […]

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Meanwhile: Mr. D

The music world lost a great person recently. I’m not talking about Dolores O’Riorden, though her passing is very sad. I’m talking about someone you probably haven’t heard of, but who I feel had a much bigger impact on the world of music than he’ll ever get full credit for. Tony DeAngelis, or “Mr. D” […]

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Stellastarr Week: Road Trips

I was a late comer to the idea that cars represent freedom. In high school, while a lot of my friends were scrambling to get their learner’s permits and driver’s licenses, I realy felt I could not be bothered. In the nicer months, I was fine riding my bike everywhere. During the not-so-nice months, I […]

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