#26 – Daft Punk

First, I want to wish all of my readers, the friends who I’ve conned into reading this and the random people WordPress shovels my way, a Happy Holidays, regardless of what you celebrate. I’m sure there will be a meanwhile post about holidays or more likely about holiday music. How can I write a music blog and not discuss holiday music? But before that, we must reveal this week’s featured artist. This week is all about Daft Punk!

I’ll be listening to their studio albums Homework (1997), Discovery (2001) and Human After All (2005) as well as their remix albums Daft Club (2003) and Human After All Remixes (2006). I’ll also be listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and its accompanying remix album. I’m not including Random Access Memories (2013) in my mix this week. I listened to it a couple of times and never really took to it.

So once again, this will be a week where it sucks to be in a car near me at a stoplight, as Daft Punk is absolutely a “crank it to 11” type band (even though the equivalent on my car stereo is 16 or 17). The base will be bumping, and there will probably be a moment when I’m grooving out like a crazed muppet to Crescendolls while driving, and it’ll be embarassing. But so be, it’s Daft Punk week!


Mr. Tooduloo

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