#26 – Daft Punk

First, I want to wish all of my readers, the friends who I’ve conned into reading this and the random people WordPress shovels my way, a Happy Holidays, regardless of what you celebrate. I’m sure there will be a meanwhile post about holidays or more likely about holiday music. How can I write a music […]

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And Our Minds Soak it All Up

I really thought this week would have a few more things for me to say, but it did not. So be it, I still said more than I did during Terrorfakt week. Once again, I worry about the ability of the holidays to derail my plans for posts, but so far, so good. Dr. Steel […]

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Dr. Steel Week: MySpace

This may sound strange, considering you are reading this on WordPress and may have linked here through my Twitter account, but I am not a huge fan of social networking. It’s just not for me. I post here and on Twitter using an alias, and try to keep my real identity obfuscated (though it has […]

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