#27 – Dr. Steel

As we get into the holiday season, I worry about my ability to keep posting when life has become so full of other things. There are events to plan and events to attend. There is time to spend with family and friends. There are end-of-year responsibilities at work, and projects with year end deadlines to complete. All of these things have shown their ability to get between me and my posting. The average post has been taking me about two hours, and that’s a big chunk of time to allocate to something at this time of year. But i’m going to try, and hopefully succeed, to keep up.

So I am moving on to this week’s featured artist, Dr. Steel. I’m almost positive some of my more casual readers have not heard of Dr. Steel. He never caught on the way I hoped he would, and that’s unfortunate for everyone. Dr. Steel was a true artist. He had some really great albums, and had crafted a whole persona around an insane toy creator attempting to take over the world. He had propaganda videos and posters. He had a web store that promised to sell a whole host of toys and products based on his “vision” (most items were listed as “coming soon”). From what I’ve heard, his stage shows were a spectacle. Unfortunately, the closest he ever got to fame was his lawsuit against Joss Whedon for copyright infringement over Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. Regardless of all that, his music was really good.

So this week, I’ll be listening to the only four albums he had: Dr. Steel (2001), Dr. Steel II: Electric Boogaloo (2001), People of Earth (2002) and The Read Along Album (2007). If you can find them, I welcome you to listen along. It’s gonna be a weird week.


Mr. Tooduloo

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