It Can be Extremely Harmful and Result in Severe Trauma

I didn’t have enough time or material to write a separate “Terrorfakt Week” post in the couple of days since I announced that they were my featured artist, so to avoid confusion with the previous post, I at least changed the header image. I’m almost back to being “on track” with my posting schedule, however, so next week and hopefully for the weeks after, this should go a little better.

Terrorfakt was a band I found when I was on one of my “new music quests.” I get on these every now and again. It used to happen a lot more frequently, but has been less of an occurrence in recent years. What would happen is this: I would get bored and or frustrated that none of my favorite bands had put out new music in a few weeks, so I would go find some new release from a band I had never heard that seemed like it could fill that gap until someone did. This is how I happened upon Terrorfakt’s Cold Steel World. I hadn’t heard any new, cool industrial music in a minute, and the staple bands I relied on were “between projects.” So I ordered Cold Steel World to give it a try. I loved it immediately, recommended it to friends furiously, and listened to it enthusiastically. A lot of times, these new music quests don’t pay off this well. I may find a band or two that I enjoy enough, but not usually one that becomes so highly ranked it my opinion. I picked up every successive release that Terrorfakt came out with after that, and labored to find their original two albums, Deconstruction and Reconstruction. It’s been a while since they’ve put out anything new. They didn’t break up, they just donwsized and now the main guy stills works under the moniker T-Faktor. That doesn’t make me happy, but the body of work that I have is still worth it.

It’s unfortunate that, even though I spent the whole week listening to Terrorfakt, I don’t have a lot to say about my time listening to them. Part of this was because of the game of catch up I was forced to make. Even though I was listening to Terrorfakt whenever I had a chance, I was still thinking about Combichrist and Deconstruction so that I could finish them up and write the posts I wanted to write about them. This split focus harmed my ability to really think about my time with Terrorfakt. As I’m writing posts, I am listening to the band I’m posting about. It’s a method that has served me well, until this week. In “Terrorfakt Week,” I have written two rather long posts on Combichrist, with the blaring through my headphone the whole time, and I have written three posts on Deconstruction, which were also a bit lengthy. This equates to around six to eight hours of other bands “intruding” on my thought process during a time I was hoping to be able to focus on only one.

Another problem was that I don’t have any specific and epic memories tied to Terrorfakt. Most of the time, they come up in a shuffle of music while I’m driving and all I can think is “Fuck yeah! Terrorfakt!” But that isn’t a basis for memory, that’s just an occasion. But the fact that it happens every time is significant in itself. It ties back to the idea of a “desert island” band or album. If I had to limit myself, if I was forced into a situation where I had to choose just a few bands and that would be all I could listen to for the rest of my life, Terrorfakt is a band that would get heavy consideration. There are a “no skip” band. That’s a lot of the reason they made the cut for this list. I couldn’t not include them, given how excited I am to hear them whenever I do.

For all of the importance that memories and emotions have played on the previous artists and especially on the ones to come, Terrorfakt sits as somewhat of an anomaly. I have no story to tell because of them, they don’t remind me of any person or time in my life and they were not instrumental in any occasion or decision. But they remain important nonetheless, if for no other reason than they excite me every time I here them.

Plus, I like the confused looks I get from other drivers when I roll up to a red light pumping out Terrorfakt in my mid-size sedan.


Mr. Tooduloo

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