#28 – Pearl Jam

I’m officially back on track, and just in time for an artist that already has the memories flooding back to me. This week is dedicated to that pillar of Nineties grunge and the “Seattle sound,” Pearl Jam.

For this week, I’ll be listening to almost all of the studio albums: Ten (1991), Vs. (1993), Vitalogy (1994), No Code (1996), Yield (1998), Binaural (2000), Riot Act (2002), Pearl Jam (2006) and Backspacer (2009). I still haven’t picked up their latest, Lightning Bolt, even though it’s almost five years old at this point. I will also be listening to the EP Merkinball (1995), as well as their two songs on the Singles soundtrack. Just for good measure, I’m throwing Temple of the Dog into the mix, since it’s mostly members of Pearl Jam anyway, and has many of the same memories tied to it.

Though I own and enjoy the Pearl Jam albums of the 2000’s, A lot of my focus is going to be on their works from the 1990’s. There’s just a lot more tied to those albums as opposed to the later ones. I’ll probably even watch the movie Singles this week at some point, since the fictitious band Citizen Dick is mostly just Pearl Jam with Matt Dillon as the front man.

Once again, feel free to join me for the ride.


Mr. Tooduloo

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