#29 – Terrorfakt

So, in case you had not noticed, I’ve now made it through a quarter of the list. I want to take stock of some things before moving forward. I have talked about sixteen different artists so far. I have done so writing more than fifty posts. From those, I have gained four followers on Twitter, and thirty-seven followers here on WordPress. I’ve received over thirty likes on my posts, though I’m fairly certain some of those are bots (it’s very suspicious when you are able to like my post less than a minute after I publish it without even reading it). I’ve had five comments from three different users, and only one of those was someone telling me that I should monetize my blog. Overall, I’ve had 250 views from just over 140 visitors. Not to shabby. I do hope all of you are enjoying this as much as I am. I feel like we’re just starting to scratch the surface of this, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

And what’s to come this week is another dramatic tonal shift. We come off the Nineties groove of Deconstruction and dive head first into the power noise of Terrorfakt. So far this week, I’ve had to be that annoying guy who forces all the traffic around him to hear his bass every time I’m stopped at a light. It’s been fun.

I’ll be listening to all of the studio and remix albums of theirs that I own: Deconstruction (2002), Reconstruction: The Remixes (2003), Cold Steel World (2004), Cold World Remixes (2005), Teethgrinder (2006), The Fine Art of Killing Yourself (2007) and ReEvolution (2009). It has already proven to be a loud week, but I’ve enjoyed it so far and hope to get at least one or two posts at you, probably on the weekend. I’m also hoping to avoid falling behind again, since catching up has proven to be harder than keeping up.


Mr. Tooduloo

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