#30 – Deconstruction

As you are reading this post, I can actually guarantee that this week is actually not Deconstruction Week. Last week was. But I fell behind, and I’m scrambling to make up ground. This week belongs to a different band, which I’m hoping to announce by Wednesday or Thursday. But for right now, lets take a step back in time and visit last week and the band that was so alternative they broke up before their first album.

When Jane’s Addiction broke up, half of the band went on to form Porno for Pyros. I loved Jane’s Addiction, but was never a huge fan of Porno for Pyros. their debut album was okay, their sophomore album was less okay, and neither of them was Jane’s Addiction. However, while Perry Ferrel and Stephen Perkins stuck and continued making music that got airplay on the radio and MTV, most people have no idea what happened to Eric Avery or Dave Navarro, until Dave Navarro showed up with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What they did in that time was form a band called Deconstruction. They had one album. It was a self-titled concept album, and by the time it was released they were broken up. I couldn’t even find a decent picture for the header, I just found the most nineties picture of Dave Navarro I could and went with it.

So last week I listened to their one album three or four times through. I had a lot of feelings about it, and a couple specific things I’m going to write about. If you can find it, you should give it a whirl, too. I’ll be talking more about it in the next couple of days, but musically I’ve already moved on to this week’s band. Stay tuned for more.


Mr. Tooduloo

P.S. – According to WordPress, I’ve officially hit 50 posts! And it only took about 15 bands to do it!

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