#31 – Combichrist

In the immortal words of John Cleese: “And now for something completely different.”

Coming off of weeks devoted to Tom Waits, Fiona Apple and DeVotchKa, we have arrived at a week which is so very unlike those three artists that it risks being emotionally jarring to me and anybody who listens along who doesn’t know better. This week will be dedicated to the aggressive and loud Combichrist. That’s a serious tonal shift!

I’ll be listening to most of their earlier albums: The Joy of Gunz (2003), Everybody Hates You (2005), What the F**k is Wrong With You People (2007), Today We Are All Demons (2009) and Making Monsters (2010). I’ll also be listening to the Maxi-Singles/EPs Get Your Body Beat (2006), Frost – Sent to Destroy (2008), Heat – All Pain is Gone (2009) and Scarred (2010). I will not be listening to anything paste that. I know they have two more studio albums past that, but after hearing No Redemption, their soundtrack album to the 2013 game DMC, I just have no desire to get back to them. I mean, that album was bad!

It’s worth noting, this week will be very NSFW. Combichrist is some pretty heavy shit, and I don’t want to try and water them down by censoring them or myself. You’ve been warned.


Mr. Tooduloo

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