#33 – Fiona Apple

Even though my life these past two weeks has been quite chaotic, mostly in good ways, the countdown continues unabated. This week is dedicated to Fiona Apple.

I’ll be listening to all four of her studio albums: Tidal (1996), When the Pawn…(1999), Extraordinary Machine (2005) and The Idler Wheel…(2012). Yes, I am aware that two of those album titles are much longer than I wrote here, thus the ellipses. I’m throwing in her cover of The Beatles’ Across the Universe from the Pleasantville soundtrack, her cover of Buddy Holly’s Everyday from the Rave On tribute album and her version of Sally’s Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This is my second week in a row which will have a decidedly jazz inspired feel. I’m warning right now that most of November is not going to be quite as jazzy as these past two weeks. But that’s the nature of my music collection and of my story. You never know what’s around the corner, but it’ll be exciting. In the mean time, enjoy some amazing vocals for the next seven days.


Mr. Tooduloo

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