#36 – Spacehog

Coming in at number thirty-six on the countdown is Spacehog. Yes, that’s right, Spacehog. For those of you not around in the Nineties, Spacehog was this odd mix of grunge and glam rock that had a big hit with their song In the Meantime, and then was kind of forgotten by everyone. They had a second song that my local station played, Mungo City, but apparently the world had moved on. I had not, though, and here they are on the countdown.

Throughout the week, I will be listening to all four of their studio albums: Resident Alien (1995), The Chinese Album (1998), The Hogyssey (2001) and As It Is On Earth (2013). I will, admittedly, spend more time on the first two. The second two were only recently (within the last year) acquired and so I don’t have as much familiarity with them.

So again, listen along if you want. This should be a fun and upbeat week for me. After the dark and chill of the last two weeks, I’ll take it.


Mr. Tooduloo

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