#33 – Fiona Apple

Even though my life these past two weeks has been quite chaotic, mostly in good ways, the countdown continues unabated. This week is dedicated to Fiona Apple. I’ll be listening to all four of her studio albums: Tidal (1996), When the Pawn…(1999), Extraordinary Machine (2005) and The Idler Wheel…(2012). Yes, I am aware that two […]

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Tom Waits Week: Good Times

Last week, I did the first post of a series called “Regrets.” For anyone who thought that was a one-off, I hate to disappoint you. I have very many more moments in my life that will fall into that category. But, for all of the times music reminds me of the bad times and the […]

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#34 – Tom Waits

Last week I was able to get through the entire playlist of White Zombie. This week, there is very little likelihood that I’ll make it through all of the material from my featured artist. This week is dedicated to Tom Waits. There is a lot of material I’ll be attempting to get through. I have […]

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White Zombie Week: Categorizing Music

I love organization. In some respects, I crave organization. Nowhere is this more evident than in my music collection. Artists are alphabetized and sorted as such. Soundtracks and compilations are broken down and the difference between “artist” and “album artist” is created to sort efficiently when I’m looking for a certain band. But while a […]

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White Zombie Week: Regrets

My brain doesn’t always work properly. I’ve been told this by experts. Whether it was the diagnoses in my childhood of Attention Deficit Disorder or the latter analysis that yielded the extremely frustratingly generic Major Affected Mood Disorder that came only a few years ago, there is scientific proof that my mind doesn’t process some […]

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#35 – White Zombie

Five artists have come, and now five artists are gone. It has been a good time, but we must continue. As we do such, we come to this week’s featured artist, White Zombie. This is, as should be pretty evident, another call back to Nineties me. Now, to be clear, I am focusing on just […]

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