#40- Toadies

The countdown begins in earnest today! I am officially 40 weeks away from being 40…so yay, I guess for that?

This week is devoted to the band Toadies. Through the week, I’ll be covering their full range of releases: Rubberneck (1994), Hell Below/Stars Above (2001), No Deliverance (2008), Feeler (2010), Play.Rock.Music (2012), Heretics (2015) and The Lower Side of Uptown (2017). I also have a couple of random songs off of soundtracks, such as Escape from L.A. and The Crow: City of Angels.

To be clear, it was absolutely unplanned that this would be Toadies Week on the heels of their release of a new album. I learned about the album after I made my schedule, and I’m one hundred percent sure Toadies didn’t plan their release around my blog. It works out, though.

I’ll be putting out thoughts here and on Twitter. Feel free to join in and listen along. There should be a few posts as I feel they are needed, with one at the end to wrap up. Stay tuned!


Mr. Tooduloo

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