“Didn’t Quite Make It” Week

The difficulty of an undertaking like this is that with forty years of turf to cover and close to seven hundred artists in my collection as a starting point, it’s very hard to narrow it down. On my first go, I got the number under two hundred. That part was easier than expected. My music collection isn’t just my music collection. It’s a combined collection from me and my wife. Although many of our musical tastes align, as should be expected when you’ve been together as long as we have, there are some stark differences. Hard as I may try, I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to get into The Mountain Goats, and I don’t believe I’ll get her to like Static-X. But that’s okay. If nothing else, it made my first culling a bit easier. From there, I narrowed down the list to one hundred artists. Then I began ranking them. Once I had ordered them as I saw appropriate, I just dropped the last sixty and thus the list was born.

But I’m a sentimental fool. Looking at those discarded bands, I became sad. There were still some amazing bands in there. Bands and artists that I kind of still wanted to talk about, or at least point out and shine a little spotlight on. Yet, they were still not important enough for me put them back into the top forty. I could not see them bumping any of the top forty out. And of course, there was some sentimentality attached to some of these bands. And so, “honorable mention week” was born.

The official top forty starts next Sunday, but this week I’m spotlighting seven bands that were close to making it, but not close enough to get their own week. So here’s the schedule, and I’ll be doing abbreviated posts about them (hopefully) daily.

Sunday: Wax Tailor

Monday: Blackalicious (and associated acts)

Tuesday: Belly

Wednesday: Beastie Boys

Thursday: Electric Six

Friday: The Offspring

Saturday: Soundgarden

I hope you enjoy. Moreover, I hope I do!



Mr. Tooduloo

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